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Does hearing aid stigma exist?

When people wait 7-10 years before doing anything about there hearing loss, one must ask the question "why?". What lies beneath the "I hear what I want to hear", is fear. Fear of "growing old;" the fear associated with 'geandma's' hearing aids, and ultimately the fear of not fitting in a culture where everyone desperately wants to belong.

Perhaps over the counter hearing aids will assist in changing this perception. Perhaps a younger generation whose hearing has been damaged by the noise induced damage of ipods played at levels loud enough to destroy the nerves within the inner ear, or perhaps an accumulation of all of these things.

Education and the fearless advocacy of organizations, individuals, associations, app developers, and fearless warriors who challenge the norms at their own expense, time, and, financial resources, are making progress in bringing awareness to the forefront. Yet, I propose that there are other ways of having an impact.

People who are set in there ways are stubborn. They have a mindset that has been trained, reinforced and rewarded to think a certain way.

Children, however, however, have brains that are permeable and flexible. They are open to learning. They are flexible thinkers and trend setters for conceptual thinking. It is children that made wearing braces cool by using colored rubber bands on their braces, that expressed their individuality. It is our next generation that finds " the next best thing."

Thus, I believe that it will be children, who already are using iPods, and video games, that will be the easiest market to influence and educate around hearing loss and how to prevent it. There is a reason that Phillip Morris targets kids to smoke. Their market research demonstrates that this is the market that can be influenced.

This, too is the reason why my book, Eddie the Elephant, Book1: The Broken Ear, is targeted towards children. It is a children's book, but will be read to many children by adults. Subconsciously, there is a dual purpose to the book. Technology is magical and cool. It brings back sounds once held dear. Who doesn't love an elephant who wants to hear? And Eddie, with his broken ear appeals to children who can and will change perceptions while teaching their parents that it's cool to hear.

Eddie is coming soon! If you are interested in pre purchasing a book, please let me know, The cost is $12.95

#advocacy@karl strom@shari eberts@HLLA,@IHS#hoh

#hear#hoh#advocacy@karl strom@shari eberts@HLLA,@IHS

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